I make up songs  as I go and this is one of them… I loooove  Thin Mints and this is my dedication to them as well as clips from the show

Me singing Jill Scott “Is it the way” at Focus Martini Bar & Grill in Huntsville, AL with the Kelley O’Neal Band. Kelley O’Neal on Sax, Joe Stallworth on Keys, Kelvin Wooten on Aux and PJ Spraggins on Drums. I LOVE singing with them!!

Me singing at a funraiser… Video by Jimmy Heart

How the whole $5 footlong song began:

We were at an open mic and the keyboard player starting playing the music to the commercial $5 footlong as a joke. Well due to my high ignorance level I began to make up verses to the song. It became an instant hit and from then on out I sing it at every open mic. If I dont then people will slash my tires and pour bleach down my throat! lol The lyrics to this song as completely off the top of my head… I am a lyrical freestyler

I was at the legendary Artist Village in Detroit. They have one of the best open mics in town! Every Saturday is filled with poetry, painting & music…  The video was shot Christmas 2008.

Me & Katrina Storm battling…lol Katrina Storm is the host of open mic @Artist Village. She is soooo crazy!!! Lol

  1. Berry Byrd says:

    First! Yes. Joi I like your site and I think that everyone should have the privilege to experience a talent and personality like yours! I wish you all the best!

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